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We partner with PebbleTec because we believe you deserve the best.

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a lasting oasis

When it comes to building or rebuilding a pool, it pays to invest in the best pool finish possible. That’s why we’re proud to offer PebbleTec pool finishes. World-renowned for its dedication to design, sourcing and screening, PebbleTec delivers a level of quality that has become the gold standard for the pool industry.


PebbleTec's exclusive, top-of-the-line materials create the most beautiful pools in the world with a breathtaking array of water colors.


PebbleTec's top product quality ensures an exceptionally long-lasting pool that is worth the investment.

expert support

PebbleTec’s dedicated support team brings the expertise to ensure your pool installation is done right.

Your outdoor living space can be a lasting oasis with the World’s Most Trusted Pool Finishes®.

Find the Pool Finish Texture and Water Color that fits your vision.

PebbleTec's easy to use design tool let's you imagine ALL the possibilities.

Find the Pool Finish Texture and Water Color that fits your vision.

PebbleTec's easy to use design tool lets you imagine ALL the possibilities.

Finish Textures

Choose among an array of textures for your pool finish, ranging from natural to refined to ultra-smooth. No matter your choice, ALL our finishes are comfortable to the touch, and easy on feet and hands.

textured finish

textured finish

an elegant
infused finish

radiant textured finish

smooth finish

luxurious polished finish

Select your favorite water color

Our finishes offer an array of amazing pool water colors, ranging from icy light blues to deep ocean blues, emerald greens to rich blacks and grays, Caribbean blues to bright lagoon greens, and much more.

deep, dark blue

dark blue

medium blue

light blue



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serious quality

Why choose a genuine PebbleTec pool finish instead of plaster?


PebbleTec finishes give a naturally elegant, even look that accentuates the water color. (Plaster tends to show staining and discoloration much more.)


PebbleTec finishes can last over 20 years with proper pool care. (Plaster pools typically need to be replaced every 5 years.)


PebbleTec finishes offer a range of texture options (from natural to ultra-smooth) and over 50 stunning water colors. (Plaster just cannot offer the same variety.)

The PebbleTec Difference

There’s a reason why people who know pools insist on genuine PebbleTec products. To learn more about how the right pool finish makes all the difference in creating a beautiful and enduring poolscape, hear from some of our homeowners—in their own words.